Suspension and Brake Services in Hurst, Texas

Everyone likes a smooth commute to work. At DFW Frame and Alignment Inc. we pride ourselves on our level of expertise and knowledge. Since 1991, our family-owned-and-operated automotive repair and service shop has provided clients in Hurst, Texas and beyond with the services they need to keep their cars safely on the road.

When it is time to replace the shocks and struts on your vehicle, you want to trust the job to licensed professionals. Shocks and struts wear out very gradually and can easily go unnoticed. Any time a shock or strut is leaking it is impossible for it to do its job properly and should be replaced. On most vehicles, when the front struts are replaced, an alignment should also be performed.


We first perform a complete inspection of the braking system. This inspection allows us to more adequately determine the cost and time of repair. Our technicians can restore all braking systems, including the newer anti-lock brake systems. Each vehicle may require different components to repair the braking system.

Please schedule an appointment at our convenient location or give us a call at 817-268-2404 for your brakes inspection.