Engine Diagnostics and Repair in Hurst, Texas

If your car is not running properly, won't start or has a 'check engine' light on, you may need to come see us! We can easily run a complete engine diagnostics. At DFW Frame and Alignment Inc. we streamline this process using state-of-the-art equipment that communicates with your vehicle’s computer system to help diagnose potential problems. After determining the cause of your problem, we will recommend the necessary repairs.

Oil Change Service

Short drives and infrequent oil changes are two factors that lead to formation of sludge in an engine. This gelling of the oil can cause premature engine failure. Oil change intervals depend on the type of driving done. If most of the driving is open highway with little stop and go, the interval could be 5000-7500 miles. But if the driving includes short trips, the oil should be changed every 3000 miles or 6 months whichever comes first. Every oil change includes a 12-point inspection, top off of fluids and set tire pressures.


The clutch is what engages the transmission to the engine. Where and how you drive will have a huge impact on how long this part will maintain. On some vehicles, additional parts replacement may be required or recommended at the time of clutch replacement. Ask us about clutch replacement at the first sign of problems.