Wheel Balancing and Alignments in Hurst, Texas

Accurate wheel alignment is important for your car to ensure proper handling and even tire wear. At DFW Frame and Alignment Inc. our mission is to provide you with the best in automotive care and maintenance. When your car is out of alignment, everyday travel can become difficult and more costly to repair. An out of alignment vehicle can result in diminished fuel mileage, abnormal tire wear, extra wear and tear on suspension components and a possible pull to one side.

The old myth "if the car drives straight, the alignment is fine" is just that, A MYTH. The alignment angle that will cause tire wear WILL NOT cause a pull, and transversely, the angle that causes a pull CANNOT cause tire wear. We recommend having your vehicle aligned at least once a year and any time tires or suspension components are replaced.

Computerized Wheel Alignments

When you call the shop to schedule your alignment, we use state-of-the-art equipment to properly align your vehicle for accuracy. Whether it's a 2-wheel or 4-wheel alignment, our team of licensed technicians have you covered.

Tire Replacement/Road Hazard Warranty

If you are in need of tires, we have access to a variety of brands.